Greywolf Partners was formed in 2009 in response to changing real estate market needs, with a focus on understanding different ownership structures and delicate financing situations including the uniqueness of managing challenging assets. Joe Wagner, owner of Greywolf Partners, along with his wife, has used his past real estate experiences to build a company that can manage the many challenges that face real estate owners today and for the future.

Greywolf Partners is a full service real estate company. Greywolf's senior staff has an average of over 25 years of experience with backgrounds in brokerage, property management, asset management, construction management, finance, and lending. With background knowledge in the finance and loan workout departments coupled with experience managing challenging and troubled assets, Greywolf staff has gained extensive knowledge of how real estate deals are structured and where opportunities lie for owners/investors. This knowledge helps in advising real estate owners and investors on acquisition, disposition, management, and brokerage.

Our multi-layer structure allows management and administrative personnel assigned to a particular asset to have the resources necessary to perform their job, and allows us to leverage the depth of experience and knowledge of the entire team.

Our goal at Greywolf Partners is to be an integral part of the real estate that is owned by our clients and to provide outstanding customer service to those clients and the tenants in their buildings. We will achieve this by providing innovative solutions to our customer's needs, and by being excellent communicators. We believe that each property and each transaction is independent and therefore each must have a unique plan and approach to the project to maximize the value of the property. By understanding the specific goals and needs of a property, Greywolf will formulate and communicate the strategy and actions for this property to ensure that every step possible is taken to meet the goals of the owners. The key to our success is the ability to focus on our client's best interest. This simple philosophy is the foundation for our business.

Greywolf Partners currently manages over 1,000 residential units, over 300 senior living and memory care units and more than 1.4 million square feet of commercial properties throughout the Midwest. Greywolf operates out of four offices in Milwaukee, Madison & Minneapolis.